Journal of Nano Science and Quantum Physics

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Volume1,May 2017,

Topic : Optical Isolator Design Aspects with Silicon Photonics -A Review

Authors:Yashodhan Mandke || Rabinder Henry, Dr.Arunagiri Sivasubramanian

Abstract:The advancement in silicon photonics especially for Photonics Integrated Circuits design has generated a requirement for modelling all optic components accurately and effciently.Optical isolator desing is based on Faraday roation principle. This has posed design challenges with respect to complexity and efficiency.The back reflection of light in photonics device diminishes the performance of the whole system.An effective design of an optical isolator becomes crucial for system design.The electro optic and magneto optic techniques are used to analyze and solve the transverse electric and magnetic fields.The main goal is to have desired isolation.The nonlinear Kerr effect occuring in optical devices is recently adopted so as to achieve optical isolation with the help of mixing of wavelengths. This paper reviews different methods and experiments specifically for designing an optical isolator for silicon photonic devices..

Keywords: FWM,interference,modes,MZI,optical-isolator,photonics,TE,TM..

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