Journal of Nano Science and Quantum Physics

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Volume1,May 2017,

Topic : Enhanced Design of Automated Solar Still Based on Light-Harvesting Nanoparticles

Authors:J Aishwarya || S Shiva Ranchani

Abstract:In the current scenario majority of the cities and towns in India are without proper planning for water need versus water availability. The per capita water availability has drastically reduced over the past. Among a range of solutions, water distillation process is optimal to produce potable water without affecting its palatability. In arid remote areas solar distillation offers a promising alternative for saline water resources as it can partially support fresh water need with free energy, simple technology and a clean environment. The aim of this project is to design a solar still for water distillation that can purify water from nearly any source. The system is compact, quick and easy-to-handle and depends only on renewable solar energy for its operation. The low daily productivity of the solar still is the main drawback in the existing system. This project provides an optimized system for monitoring and distillation of saline water using solar still with improved productivity and thermal efficiency thereby significantly reducing the production cost. This process combines the emerging technology of nano-photonics with solar energy which makes it completely off-grid. This stand-alone system is monitored and controlled using a microcontroller. Water is converted into steam, directly and immediately, even before the boiling point. It uses the highly localized & strong photo-thermal response of the nano particles dispersed in the water. In this way the design features of the existing solar still is improved in many ways to make it relatively cheap, portable and automated.Thus an optimized solar still is designed with enhanced productivity providing an eco-friendly solution..

Keywords: Water distillation, Solar still, nano-photonics, microcontroller, automated, eco-friendly

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